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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project IGI- I'm going in Cheats

some hacks of project igi game
Soldiers are behave like civillian 
Go project IGI installed folder then goto commen\ai backup the folder ai, 
There will some files like "civlian.qvm", "guard.qvm" like that names of 
enemy's copy the file "civlian.qvm"[ctrl + c] and paste it [ctrl + v] in 
that same folder, if willbe like copy of

civlian.qvm then rename enemy's 
files into  some other names then then rename copy of civlian.qvm into 
name of enemy's files like guard etc. then start the game then enemy's 
willnot shout you or kill you, If thay see you than thay will run away 
like civlian.

Convert AK47 into Colt Anaconda!!!:

Let's go! First go into the installation folder of Project IGI and make a 
backup copy of WEAPONS folder. Now open the weapons folder and you will see 
several folders with the names of the guns like ak47 etc. Open the AK47 folder 
and you will see a file named weapon.qvm. Open this file in your favorite Hex  Editor(I like neo) and search for a string named: 
"WEAPON_ID_AK47", Change this to: "WEAPON_ID_COLT" and Save the file.

Now open the "COLTANACONDA" folder and here also you will have a file weapon.qvm. 
Open this in hex editor and search for a sting named: "WEAPON_ID_COLT" Change 
this to: "WEAPON_ID_AK47" 

As you can imagine what I have done is nothing but interchanged the weapon id 
of both the guns. Now run the game and you will see that the guards which were 
previously holding ak47 will now have colt anaconda. Just kill one guard and 
get his colt and enjoy this secret gun in the very first level!!!

NOTE : remember that the weapon id is all in UPPER CASE. And also do not change 
anything else in the weapon.qvm files and take care not to change the size of 
the file when you are hex editing.
If after taken all the above care in hex editing the files your game give an 
error during startup then do this: 

Extra Steps in case of error: (use these only if you are sure that you have 
correctly edited the files and still getting error at startup)

1. Interchange the folders names of AK47 and COLTANACONDA


2. There is a file named weaponconfig.qvm in the weapons folder, open it 
in hex editor and search for string "WEAPON_ID_AK47", Change this to: "WEAPON_ID_COLT"
And in the same file search again for "WEAPON_ID_COLT", Change this to "WEAPON_ID_AK47"

My game ran perfectly without using these extra steps and I think you too 
wont need these. I have only written this because my commonsense says that 
this should what be happening. But these stupid game developers are so bad 
programmers that we don't need the extra steps.

Ok done with the colt?? Now let's get some bigger things in our hands! If 
you take a look at all the weapon.qvm files in all the guns folders you will find that:

Weapon ID of AK47 = AK47
Weapon ID of Colt Anaconda = COLT
Weapon ID of UZI = UZI
Etc etc.

I am listing the entire weapon IDs of all the guns in order of their word length:

T80 RPG18 

Now if you want an APC or T80 (both are tanks!!) Instead of UZI then just 
use the method I described for ak47 above. Just interchange the IDs of APC and UZI.

You must have guessed why we can't interchange an AK47 with APC. Because ak47 
is 4 letters and APC is only 3. So the golden rule is: - we can only interchange 
those weapons which have the same ID length so that we won't change the length 
of weapon.qvm file. And always remember that we can only interchange IDs and not 
replace them and every ID should be present at least once and no two guns can 
have the same ID. 

AMMO: This same cheat can be applied to the files located in the ammo folder. 
For example i change the medipack ammo id to dragunov ammo id. So now i have 
50 bullets(or 100 etc depending upon the amount of medipack u get in that 
perticular level) of dragunov when i should have only 10. 


This is what I do to make the game easier using this cheat. The only problem 
with this cheat is that the enemy also gets whatever you change. We can use 
this thing to our advantage. Colt is a small gun with only six bullets so it 
needs reloading very frequently and also it takes lot of time to reload and 
to fire. So change ak47 into colt and you can easily run away from a shootout 
without much injury. And those stupid snipers hanging at the watch towers is 
a pain in ass, just change the DRAGUNOV to MEDIPACK. Now those snipers would 
be standing like basterds just watching you kicking their buddies' asses. 
Change the KNIFE and GLOCK to some useful guns like M16A2 and MP5SD. Do not 
use the tanks because you would be certainly killed by the enemy.

Well if you like this cheat I would love to hear words of praise for me. 
Or if you want any help Just mail me at: nishantparashar@indiatimes.com and 
keep the subject as: Cheat Help. 


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